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Lynsey Simmons | Web and Graphic Designer

Hey there! I'm Lynsey Simmons... a Web Designer in Denver, Colorado. I work hard, learn fast, and am obsessed with new technologies and the ever-changing online world.

This site is arranged in chronological order, with my newest stuff first. Take a moment, look around, and let me know what you think!

Download my resumé for more details.

Web Design

Vinocopia Colorado
Website Design and Devlopment — Vinocopia Wines - Colorado Division
Full concept design and website development for a local wine distributor. This site was developed using Wordpress to provide the client with a way to easily update and add to their site.
In addition to complete user-interface design and information architecture services, this site makes use of some of the latest developments within Wordpress, including custom post types and taxonomies, to provide the client with a usable back-end functionality.

Comments: Tools used include Wordpress, PHP, Javascript & jQuery, HTML, CSS, and Photoshop. *Unfortunately, this site is no longer active, but can still be viewed via
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Magnum Flooring & Construction
Website Design and Devlopment — Magnum Flooring
Full concept design and website development for a local home-remodel and construction company.

Comments: Tools used include PHP, Javascript & jQuery, HTML, CSS, and Photoshop. *Unfortunately, this site is no longer active, but can still be viewed via
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Website Development - Eastern Slope Center
ESC, Eastern Slope Center for the Arts, a dance and art school in Gunbarrel, Colorado. This project involved a complete redesign of the company website, as well as addition of new features and content.

Comments: Please note, design and development of this site was included in the scope of work, but not maintenance. Thus, the link here is to a version of this site at the time of completion.
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Aston Martin
Website Redesign — Aston Martin
Website redesign with an emphasis on user-interface design... making the website more user-friendly while still retaining the look and feel of the brand. This design is meant to be intuitive and engaging for the user.

Comments: Tools used include PHP, Javascript & jQuery, HTML, CSS, and Photoshop.
*This was a school project, and is in no way affiliated with Aston Martin or their products.
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Motion Graphics

Self Portrait No.2
Motion Graphics-Self Portrait No.2
A second version of a "self-portrait" video created entirely in Adobe After Effects.

Comments: As a study in Motion Graphics techniques, Self Portrait No.2 was created with a special focus given to camera angles and movement, color correction, 3D effects, and other advanced Motion Graphics and special effects techniques. Duration: 30 seconds.
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Chanel Holiday 2010
Motion Graphics-Chanel Holiday 2010
A 30-second promo for the Chanel Holiday 2010 Collection, created entirely in Adobe After Effects.

Comments: This Motion Graphics piece was created as a study on camera movement, 3D and depth-of-field effects, and sychronizing motion with sound.
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Video Production - Snapshots
A "self-portrait" video using still photos, animated transitions, and sound, with a required length of 1 minute.

Comments: This was my first foray into the world of video production, as well as first time using Adobe Premiere.
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Print Work

Coca Cola
 Graphic Design - Coca Cola Poster
Promotional poster design for a worldwide brand of choice .

Comments: This poster was created with an emphasis on basic design concepts including color choice, typography, balance, and layout.
Graphic Design - Futurism
Promotional poster for an upcoming exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, focusing on the artistic genres of Dadaism or Futurism.

Comments: Main focuses for this project were typography and design balance. The illustration is an original creation, inspired by the architecture of the Denver Art Museum.
Package Redesign
Graphic Design - Kendall Jackson Label Redesign
Package redesign for a well-known brand of choice.... creating a graphically compelling design using text only, no images allowed.

Comments: I chose Kendall Jackson wines. My goals were to create labels that would look unique from other brands so that they stand out on a shelf, and create a design that would make it easy for the consumer to find the varietal of wine they are looking for.
Logo RedesignGraphic Design - Lush Cosmetics Logo Redesign
Creation of a new logo for a well-known brand, using unique typography.

Comments: For this project I chose to re-work the logo for Lush Cosmetics. I wanted to created a design that is slightly more delicate, and feminine, but still fun and different, to reflect the brand.

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